About Us

Eco Express is a dynamic marketing company based in India,


About Us

Company Overview:

Eco Express is a dynamic marketing company based in India, dedicated to enhancing the consumer experience by providing high-quality products. With a mission to empower individuals, we have introduced a groundbreaking affiliate marketing program that centres around joining, promoting, and earning. Additionally, we are expanding our reach by appointing delivery partners all over India to ensure seamless product distribution.

Affiliate Marketing Concept: Join, Promote & Earn:

Our unique affiliate marketing program isdesigned to empower individuals across Indiaby offering them an opportunity to join ourcommunity, promote our curetted consumerproducts, and earn a lucrative income. Throughthis program, we foster collaboration,entrepreneurship, and shared success.

Delivery Partner Initiative:

In addition to our affiliate marketing program,we're excited to introduce our Delivery PartnerInitiative. This initiative aims to establish anetwork of delivery partners across the country,ensuring swift and efficient product delivery toour valued customers.


Affiliate Marketing

Delivery Partner Requirements

To be a part of our Delivery Partner network,we require the following from our partners:

  • Security Deposit : A deposit of 5 lakh rupees against theproducts is required. This deposit ensures accountability anda commitment to delivering products safely and timely.
  • Shop Space:Delivery partners should have a shop space of300 sq ft or more, conveniently located roadside to ensureeasy accessibility for customers.
  • Shop Setup:The shop should be well-equipped withessential infrastructure, including a cabin, a round table,chairs, and other necessary amenities to facilitate producthandling and customer interactions.
  • Branding and Promotion:Eco Express will providebranding materials to ensure a consistent and recognizablepresence. Our branding materials will create a professionaland appealing shop environment.

Our Commitment:

Eco Express is dedicated to fostering a collaborative ecosystem that benefits allstakeholders:

  • Affiliates: Through our affiliate marketing program, individuals gain a platform topromote quality products and earn, fostering their entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Customers: We are committed to providing customers with high-quality products,seamless shopping experiences, and prompt deliveries.
  • Delivery Partners: Our delivery partners play a crucial role in ensuring timely andsecure product distribution, and we value their commitment to excellence.
  • Entrepreneurship:By enabling our affiliates and delivery partners, we contribute tothe growth of entrepreneurship in India.
Our commission and incentive process is designed to reward your valuable role in expanding our delivery network and promoting our consumer products. Through the Delivery Point Commission structure, you have the opportunity to earn substantial rewards for your efforts. Here's how it works:
Delivery Point Commission and Bonus Structure:
  • Delivery Point Commission - Rs 6,000/- Per Bike: For every bike successfully added to the delivery point that you introduce, you will earn a commission of Rs 6,000/-. This commission recognizes your contribution to our efficient product distribution.
  • Additional Bonus - Rs 1,000/- (On Above 5 Sales): As a token of appreciation for your consistent efforts, we offer an additional bonus of Rs 1,000/- for every delivery point that achieves five or more sales. This bonus serves as an incentive for driving sales and fostering growth.

Introducing Delivery Points - Commission and Incentive Breakdown:

  • One-Time Introducer Bonus: Rs 15,000/- When you successfully introduce a new delivery point to our network, you will receive a one-time commission of Rs 15,000/-. This bonus recognizes your valuable contribution to expanding our reach and ensuring smooth product delivery.
  • Ongoing Bike Commission: Rs 750/- Per Bike (Unlimited) For every bike added to the delivery point, you will receive an ongoing commission of Rs 750/-. This commission is not limited, so you can earn Rs 750/- for each and every bike added, without any ceiling.
Referral Commission and Incentive Process - Eco Express Affiliate Marketing Program

We're thrilled to present our commission and incentive process that revolves around yourefforts in referring others to join our community. Through this multi-level referralprogram, you have the opportunity to earn rewards and contribute to the growth of ournetwork. Here's how it works:

Referral Commission Structure - Five Levels:
  • Level 1 Referral: Rs 3,000/- For every direct referral that you bring into our affiliatemarketing program, you will earn a commission of Rs 3,000/-. This recognizes your role inintroducing new members to our community.
  • Level 2 Referral: Rs 500/- When your Level 1 referral introduces someone new to ourprogram, you will receive a commission of Rs 500/- for each person added at this level.
  • Level 3 Referral: Rs 500/- For referrals brought in by your Level 2 referrals, you will earn acommission of Rs 500/- for each person added at this level.
  • Level 4 Referral: Rs 500/- When new members are introduced by your Level 3 referrals,you will receive a commission of Rs 500/- for each person added at this level.
  • Level 5 Referral: Rs 500/- Finally, for referrals added by your Level 4 referrals, you willearn a commission of Rs 500/- for each person added at the fifth level.

Maximizing Your Earnings:As you refer individuals to our affiliate marketing program,your potential earnings increase significantly. Not only do you benefit from direct referralsbut also from referrals brought in by your referrals, creating a ripple effect of rewards.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Commissions will be credited to your account according to the referral commissionstructure outlined above.
  • Payments will be processed based on the payment schedule set by Eco Express.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make or the commissions you can earnthrough this multi-level referral program.
  • Our commitment to our performer joiners is evident through our dynamic Rewards andAwards program. With a focus on fostering motivation and celebrating achievements, weannounce a variety of enticing rewards and awards periodically. From cash bonuses andproduct vouchers to exclusive trips and specialized training, our flexible approach ensuresthat our affiliate community is continually inspired to excel. The details of these incentives,including criteria, eligibility, and timeframes, are communicated transparently, reaffirmingour dedication to recognizing and celebrating the success of our valued performers.